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Pool Styles

poolshape  Pool Construction

A Plus Pool Design brings over 20 years of experience in what works when it comes to pool construction.

Personal Needs 

A family of happy frolickers needs a pool with a large shallow area. To satisfy those who enjoy swimming laps the pool should feature a long, straight section with parallel ends. If your family falls into both these groups choose a pool that can accommodate all types of swimming activity. For example, the shallow, short leg of an L-shaped pool can be large enough for frolickers, and the other leg can be long enough for the lap swimmers. Many pool users splash and play in shallow water and do little, if any, swimming. For this purpose, figure a minimum depth of 36 inches, increasing to 4 or 5 feet.

Pool Construction Orange County

pool constructionIn-ground pool construction, from excavation to applying the finish and trim, building the shell is by far the most crucial element; it will determine both the proper usefulness and its longevity. The engineering, design and workmanship required leave no room for shortcuts. Maintenance Problems or Failure of the Pool could result if short cuts are taken during any of these steps in the construction process. Be sure your contractor has intimate knowledge of the terrain around Orange and Lake county, or what ever county you are building in. 

Pool Installation

Pool Construction
Adding a new swimming pool to your backyard will be a lifestyle changing decision. But before the fun begins you have some choices in pool design, placement and building materials to make. We can help you make the the best design decisions for your family! To give you an idea of what you can expect to happen in your backyard during the installation of your new pool or spa, we have broken down the process into 16 steps. And we welcome you to ask your A Plus Pool Designs representative about any of the steps involved or other questions you may have.

Renovate Existing Pool in Orange County

swimming poolCould your pool use a facelift?
Let our modernization specialists make your old pool look brand new. Just like redecorating your home, you can easily update your pool or spa by installing new coping and tile or refurbishing your deck to bring back the beauty your pool or spa had when it was brand new. Pool equipment can be updated or you can add on new features that may not have been available when the pool was originally installed in Orange County.

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